Honoka Body Cream Cleanser

Honoka Body Cream Cleanser

SKU: 0006

Our Cream Cleanser is comprised of the same exceptional quality that runs through our entire line. A creamy delightful experience as a bath milk or used in the shower with an exfoliating mitt. Packed with proteins and the mositurizing properties of Avacado Oil, the skin is cleansed without accompanying dryness.

Honoka: A warm, enticing scent with airs of Rosewood, Geranium and Ylang Ylang. Honoka is spirited with a hint of spice. The experience is immediately exotic with a sensual undercurrent.

  • Body Cream Cleanser

    A delightful bathing experience. Excellent for a delicate milk bath or for a soft polish with bathing mitt. Spicy, sensual, intriguing.