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Geisha By Bali James

Bali James

We are so happy to bring to you our All Nations PEACE Bag. Personally speaking, I wish to bring forth and share my aim to live a loving and peaceful existence. We can only do so much, even though what we truly would like to accomplish is likely so extensive in scope that it is impossible to convey, let alone achieve. Therefore, I take precise steps, focusing on seemingly small efforts that are attainable, which over time may become perhaps something quite substantial, and do my best to live by them.

When I carry my Peace bag, people frequently stop to ask what the text means. I tell them that the Japanese word on the front and the Arabic word on the back of the bag both mean PEACE.  Then naturally, guess what we start talking about? And it really is as simple as that. 

All Nations PEACE Denim Bag
Distinct in our approach and philosophy.
Bali James Body Oil and Body Wash
The Stories Book One

I am so happy to bring to you my first book of fictional short stories! 

The Stories Book One highlights the choices we make and the effects of such decisions that we may not have taken into consideration. These narratives are told in style that intend to speak to the reader in a  manner that is completely relatable, yet at the same time captivating in their own unique tone. Bali james The Stories Book One is a visual, cross-cultural, exciting and often humorous portrayal of one person's interpretation of the complex world she unflinchingly embraces.

The Stories Book One

Bali James Body Oil in The Press